Live Your Cowboy Dream!
Live Your Cowboy Dream!

Your Horseback Riding Adventures Start   Here!

Welcome to Cowboy Up Kentucky where our specialty is making an exciting and interesting visit for you! We do horseback riding in Benton Kentucky, Land Between the Lakes, Paducah Kentucky, and Beautiful Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois! We will trailer our horses to your chosen destination and help you create the memory of a lifetime!




Let us introduce you to one of Man's most Noble and Trusted Friends... the Horse. Nature has distilled in this creature the qualities of strength, endurance, intellegence, beauty, dignity, and loyalty.




Man befriended this noble creature long ago, and this beautiful animal charged to his death in behalf of this ages old friendship. Come visit us and see for yourself this great heart and willing spirit!

Whether you choose Benton Kentucky, Paducah Kentucky, Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, or Wrangler's Camp Trails at Land Between the Lakes, you are sure to have a blast on our gaited horses.

We can also host your next camping trip! You bring your gear, we will bring the horses and treat you to a multiple day riding trip! You may primitive camp, or choose from a variety of Cabins or even A Bed and Breakfast!

We use mostly Gaited Horses. They are a bit different from a slower Walk-Trot horse such as a Quarter horse. We use primarily Tennessee Walking horses, who tend to walk a bit faster. This breed is known for it's relaxing Running Walk which is usually quite a bit smoother than a Walk-Trot horse's bumpy jog. Our horses are well behaved and gentle, but they will "giddy up" and move faster if you ask them!

We typically tend to cater to our rider's wishes wether it's picking up the pace and riding bit faster or, just a nice relaxed walk which is a little more condusive to sightseeing in the countryside. We promise you, this will not be the typical "nose to tail" ride where there is only one speed. Our rides will make you smile, and get your heart beating just a bit faster if you'd like!


No matter what your desired speed is, you will laugh and smile on your horse as you traverse the country side and feel the wind on your face! We will also be happy to supply you with saddlebags to carry your drinks, snacks, or personal belongings on your ride. Please check out the rest of our pages for riding destinations, pictures and lodging.

Call or Text Lisa Regenberg at 270-556-0580 for riding in Paducah Kentucky or Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, and Ginger Frick at 270-994-0289
 for riding in Benton Kentucky or at Land Between the Lakes. 

See us on Facebook at "Cowboy Up Kentucky" and at "Frick Farm Horse Rescue and Riding Stables"! We'd love it if you give us a "like"!

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